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Интервью Шазарда Латифа о своей роли, доктора Джекила , очень популярном персонаже.

Interview: Penny Dreadful's Shazad Latif On Dr. Jekyll And The Nature Of Monsters
10 May 2016 By Robin Burks Tech Times

Showtime's Penny Dreadful is a series that often likes to blur the differences between monsters and men -oftentimes portraying monsters as more human than the men themselves.

The depiction of monster and man, though, was never made more clear than in the novella Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. After drinking a chemical concoction of his own making, the polite and kind Dr. Jekyll became Mr. Hyde, a man ruled more by primal instinct and his baser nature.

Penny Dreadful, a series known for remaking such classic monsters of the Victorian age, introduced the character of Dr. Jekyll this season, portrayed by actor Shazad Latif. In an interview, Latif spoke about his depiction of the character on the series, as well as that fine - and often blurred - line that exists between monsters and men.

Dr. Jekyll is a classic character that often appears on TV and in film throughout history. How did you approach playing such an iconic character?

It is always a daunting experience to take on such a role. I watched couple of old versions, the Fredric March 1930's version and the Spencer Tracy one, but also recent ones. Then in terms of approaching the role, [Penny Dreadful creator] John Logan had such a fresh vision and take on the character that the portrayal was set up for me. I don't think we have seen a mixed race Jekyll before, and all credit to John for going down a route that historically makes so much sense now that we see it.

As we've seen in the first two episodes, Dr. Jekyll has some history with Dr. Frankenstein. Can you elaborate on their backstory and relationship?

Frankenstein and Jekyll are old Cambridge buddies. Both were bullied and outcasts at school. Loners who are each other's only friend. They both excel in their respective fields and there is a competitiveness regarding their work.

So traditionally, Jekyll has a dark side, Mr. Hyde. How will viewers get to see that side of the character this season?

I don't want to reveal too much, but the anger already resides in Jekyll, we see him build up this anger and release it.

Penny Dreadful often holds up a mirror to humanity and blurs the line of what is and isn't a monster. Where do you feel Dr. Jekyll fits into that definition of what a monster is and isn't?

Through one's own pain and history, we create the monsters within ourselves. There is good and the absence of good in Dr. Jekyll. Light and the absence of light. Not simple evil. There is a fine line for the crossover of being a monster. Anger and pain cause us to do bad things. But as one of the episode titles tell, our good and evil braided be.

What has been your favorite part about portraying this character so far?

My favorite part was working with a sсript written by John Logan, who was already one of my most-loved writers. Being able to deliver monologues and duologues written by him was a pleasure.

Вторая серия , уже есть в переводе от Лоста -- wifilm.ru/index.php/serialy/zarubezhnye/752-str...

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2 серия 3-го сезона "Страшных сказок"

2-я серия 3-го сезона "Страшных сказок" уже есть в переводе, правда, не очень хорошем (*лучший перевод , на мой взгляд , всё-таки от ЛостФильм, может быть стоит дожидаться хорошего перевода, или уж смотреть с субтитрами -- если не в оригинале ).

С одной стороны -- интересно разделение на далеко разошедшиеся линии судеб главных героев. С другой стороны -- это создаёт впечатление некоторой дробности. Повествование приняло, окончательно, сериальный характер (закономерно).

Наконец-то появилась Лили ))) Необыкновенно красивая Билли Пайпер ))) Богатство и Порок (в лице Дориана) идут рука об руку с прекрасной но мёртвой Принцессой Гамахеей ... умершей, и возродившейся. Холодной. Бессердечной ? Это вопрос ! ))
Виктор окончательно запутался в своих чувствах , он и убить хочет своё Создание , и мучительно любит , первой любовью.
Боюсь, что доктор Джекил сыграет здесь далеко не положительную роль !

Немного натянутыми показались сцены в доме Дориана, с девочкой.
С другой стороны теперь уже окончательно ясно : и Дориан и Лили -- Существа. Не люди.

А вообще вампиры Дракулы до странности напоминают мне (только не смейтесь :))) ) каких-то нигилистов ! , цареубийц-революционеров, подпольщиков. Хех, дикая ассоциация !! )))) Каких-то бакуниных с бомбой в кармане )))

Ванесса, конечно, прелесть. Почти без макияжа ! Такая нежность ! )))

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С великим праздником -- Днём Победы ! ))

С наступающим Днем Победы!

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Сегодня, к вечеру — станет доступна и для нас вторая серия "Страшных сказок" -- Predators Far and Near «Хищники Далекие и Близкие» ))
Появится Лили Франкенштейн. И ещё мы будем следить за развитием отношений Ванессы и Александра Свита.
фото -- vk.com/club47749191?w=wall-47749191_6609
#PennyDreadful #ЛилиФранкенштейн #LilyFrankenstein

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Сегодня День Рожденья у Кэндис Найт , вокалистки и поэта группы "Blackmore's Night" !
Поздравляю певицу , поэта-песенника , музыканта , вдохновительницу и жену, а для Кэндис , я думаю, в первую очередь — маму двоих прекрасных детей , которых она подарила Ритчи )).
Желаю крепкого здоровья, творческих удач и благополучия в семье. Я считаю , что 45 лет это расцвет сил и творчества , потому что есть что сказать, есть жизненный опыт и есть силы это воплотить )) Плюс к тому наблюдение за взрослением детей -- большая радость и тоже источник вдохновения )) Кэндис, лучшие вершины — впереди ! :))) lilyv.diary.ru/?tag=4685522

Весенний букет

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о третьем сезоне рассказывает продюсер Кристофер Кинг.

"Especially since the Showtime drama concluded its second season with half its characters flung far across the globe: Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) returning Sembene’s (Danny Sapani) body to Africa, Ethan (Josh Hartnett) being sent back home to America to face his father, and the Creature (Rory Kinnear) sentencing himself to a life of isolation in the freezing depths of the Arctic. "

“Everyone has their pair,” says King of the partnerships that will begin to form on the show. “We’ll see Vanessa and Dr. Seward pairing up together, Ethan and Hecate, Dr. Jekyll and Frankenstein, Dorian and Lily. It’s very interesting pairings of unique characters that bring out differences in each one of them, and they also mirror each other as well. That’s what’s really fascinating about this.”

HONORABLE MENTION | From the moment that Christian Camargo uttered his first line in the third season premiere of Penny Dreadful, making the most of that delicious John Logan dialogue, we were putty in his hands. The sincere enthusiasm that the actor put into the way that his zoologist character, Alexander Sweet, marveled at the wonders of the animal kingdom — including the underrated sheep — was not only disarming but contagious. And, by the time “Noah in his ark” confessed to natural history museum guest Vanessa (Eva Green, sublime as ever) that his favorite exhibits were “mostly the unloved ones, the unvisited ones, the cases that get dusty and ignored,” even she couldn’t help but be taken in.

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Свежее интервью Евы Грин (англ ) -- vk.com/club47749191?z=photo-47749191_413516806%...

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Новые стиллы из "Страшных сказок" -- 3-я серия vk.com/club47749191?w=wall-47749191_6563 , 4-я серия vk.com/club47749191?w=wall-47749191_6562

промо-видео ко 2-й серии (8-9 мая )

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" Двенадцать месяцев в году,
Не веришь — посчитай.
Но всех двенадцати милей
Веселый месяц май. " :)))

...И одуванчики...

"Шёл Робин Гуд, шёл в Ноттингэм... " :)))

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Выход серий по воскресеньям . Перевод на день-два позже , в понедельник - вторник :)))

1 серия 6 сезона, «Красная Женщина» - 24 апреля 2016 года.
2 серия 6 сезона, «Дом» - 1 мая 2016 года.
3 серия 6 сезона, «Клятвопреступник» - 8 мая 2016 года.
4 серия 6 сезона, - 15 мая 2016 года.
5 серия 6 сезона, - 22 мая 2016 года.
6 серия 6 сезона, - 29 мая 2016 года.
7 серия 6 сезона, - 5 июня 2016 года.
8 серия 6 сезона, - 12 июня 2016 года.
9 серия 6 сезона, - 19 июня 2016 года.
10 серия 6 сезона, - 26 июня 2016 года.

Один из комментариев (зрительских) к 1-й серии : "Стучаться надо, когда девушка красится" :)))
Конечно , шок первой серии -- обнажёнка истинной Мелисандры ))) (а вовсе не смерть Джона Сноу ))) )

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Выход серий по понедельникам . Первая серия третьего сезона "День смерти Тённисона" , официальный выход 2 мая.

Вторая серия Predators Far and Near «Хищники Далекие и Близкие» — 9 мая

Третья серия Good and Evil Braided Be " И да переплетётся добро и зло " — 16 мая

Четвёртая серия A Blade of Grass — 23 мая

Пятая серия This World Is Our Hell — 30 мая

Из свежего интервью Евы Грин , о своей роли -- Ванессе , подробности съёмок , и тайны актёрского мастерства Евы )))

"--Is that not worrying? It must be quite draining - I'm thinking of that scene in season one where she's possessed by different people at the seance.
Ева : — Oh yes. It was a very difficult scene because it could have been ridiculous - to play all these different people, and to find the transitions between the different people. It was very hard. And we did it for two days, more, and more and more. It was quite scary but at the same time quite jubilating."

" —You've spoken a lot in the past about feeling like a nerd, feeling uncomfortable, feeling awkward in your skin, and yet, you're an actor...
Ева — It is paradoxical. My mother used to say, there are two people inside you. I don't know myself. But at the same time it's my salvation, or something. I feel alive when I'm working on a character. I could not do something else. I'm very lucky that I'm able to earn money and that it's my job. I think my shyness would have killed me in other jobs. "

" — Well, the roles that you play do tend towards the dark and the mysterious.
Ева — When they put me in the 'mysterious' box, sometimes I'm like, whatever. It's because I have dark hair. [laughs] . It's true that I don't belong... I've always felt like this as a child, I feel like I'm floating, a tiny bit. I wish I could be more grounded. I don't know how to put it. It's shyness. At school, I was never in groups, I always had one best friend. If I had to speak in front of anybody I would almost pass out. Anyway. So, now I'm doing this, you see. "

(из интервью April 28, 2016 , англ. An Interview with Eva Green, Hollywood’s Favourite Goth/Warrior/Witch/Mystic
By Rebecca Nicholson . Editor-in-Chief .April 28, 2016
-- www.vice.com/en_uk/read/eva-green-penny-dreadfu... )

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Со светлым Пасхальным воскресеньем ))) Желаю всем провести праздничные дни в доброжелательном окружении, и прекрасно отдохнуть ))

В Светлое Христово Воскресение...



Пэти ЛюПон , о "Страшных сказках", о своём новом персонаже -- д-ре Сьюард, психотерапевте, о работе с Джоном Логаном, Евой Грин -- www.tvinsider.com/article/87551/patti-lupone-on...

Patti LuPone on Penny Dreadful, How She'll End Her Stellar Career and (Yes) Those Damn Cell Phones
Michael Logan April 28, 2016

Death is rarely permanent on Showtime’s Penny Dreadful and Patti LuPone is taking full advantage of that. Last season, the two-time Tony winner did a dazzling guest stint as the Cut-Wife, a centuries-old white witch who was burned alive by a lynch mob. When the Victorian-era horror hit returns for Season 3 on Sunday, May 1, LuPone will be a regular. Her role: The Cut-Wife’s distant relative Florence Seward, a pre-Freudian “mental doctor” who tries to cure deranged heroine Vanessa Ives (Eva Green). LuPone gave us the dish on this curious new character and cut loose on everything from Donald Trump to rude theater goers to what she hopes will be her final job in show biz. There is absolutely no one like her. But isn’t that what makes a legend?

How did you manage to turn one episode of Penny Dreadful that ended in death into such an awesome full-time gig?
The show’s creator, John Logan, and I have a candor with each other that is great. We first met on The Miraculous Year, an HBO pilot about Broadway that went nowhere, but we remained friends. After I played the Cut-Wife, John and I started talking via email about my character and Vanessa Ives and I made some observations about their relationship—strictly as an audience member. Three weeks later John wrote me back and said, “I thought about what you said and I have created a new role on the show and it’s going to be played by…you!” And I burst into tears. I thought, “Wow, why didn’t I do this earlier in my career?” [Laughs] I’m basically intimidated by everybody and everything.

Whoa. What? You’re Patti Badass LuPone. What do you mean you’re “intimidated by everybody and everything?”
It’s true. I swear! When I was putting out my ideas, I said to John, “I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds with you.” Because I never do that sort of thing. But John is just so open and embracing, I somehow felt it was okay. I still can’t believe I got to go back to work for him. He’s so scary smart. You need a dictionary just to have dinner with him. And then you come away thinking, “I can’t believe how dumb I am!” But I love that feeling! I’m so lucky. And shooting the series in Ireland is the most incredible thing. I had never been there before and just fell in love with the place and the people. Irishmen are so easy to talk with and laugh with. [Laughs] If Donald Trump is elected, I am definitely moving there.

So fill us in on this new character of yours. Everyone on Penny Dreadful has dark, staggering secrets. What’s Florence hiding?
Dr. Seward is a terrific part and I would have been a fool to turn it down. She’s a tough New Yorker who had some trauma in her life back in America and was acquitted and vindicated. Her back story is mysterious but it’s clear she escaped to London for a new beginning. Seward could also be in tune with her ancestral powers, though she claims she doesn’t know or care about her connection to the Cut-Wife.

Lucifer and Dracula are obsessed with Vanessa’s soul. How soon until Dr. Seward realizes her client’s problems aren’t so easily diagnosed?
At first the doctor is all about psychology. She thinks Vanessa Ives is a bona fide schizophrenic but then she starts to believe there are other powers in play.

At least she puts the poor dear in a posh padded cell.
Are you kidding me? [Laughs] All you need is a little gold and some chandeliers and it could be a Beverly Hills bedroom.

What’s up with Dr. Seward’s look?
If I had a choice between this and my first look on the show, I’d stick with the Cut-Wife. Florence is kind of in the middle of ugly and cute but I was full-out ugly as the Cut-Wife. I’d rather go the distance. But that’s all John Logan. He wanted this new character to be quite severe.

You and Eva Green seem to get along like cheese and crackers.
[Gasps] Oh, my God! I would walk to the ends of the earth to work with Eva! She is beautiful and talented and balls out when it comes to courage. She has no filter, no safety net. To act with her is a transcendent experience.

Why does it always seem surprising to see you in a dramatic role? You’ve done just as many dramas as musicals.
More! Certainly on Broadway I’ve done more plays than musicals. Drama is what I was trained for. I had a voice since I was quite young and knew instinctively that I would end up on the musical stage. I always wanted to be a rock ‘n’ roller but I just didn’t have a rock voice. Even when I sing rock, it comes out sounding Broadway, so that was never going to happen. When I went to Julliard, I fell out of love with musicals and in love with classical theater. And I became connected to David Mamet, which cemented my desire to be either a comedic or a dramatic actress, rather than a musical person. But that wasn’t going to happen. Singing was my destiny.

You’ve done several recurring TV roles but isn’t Penny Dreadful your first time as a regular since Life Goes On?
And that was over 20 years ago. It took a long time for people in the business to accept the fact that I could do television. But that’s true with a lot of New York actresses. They thought we were too big for the camera. That’s all changed. I’m all about television now. In fact, I want to end my career in a big fat hit situation comedy. [Laughs] That’s all I ask.

You want TV to be your swan song? Not Broadway? But aren’t you headed there in a new musical with Christine Ebersole?
Yes, War Paint. I’ve been with this show forever. It’ll be four years by the time it hits Broadway. The music and lyrics are by Scott Frankel and Michael Korie, the gentlemen who brought us Grey Gardens. Doug Wright wrote the book, which is based on the rivalry between Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, two titans of the cosmetic industry. I love it a lot. We’ll see what happens.

Are you planning another memoir? Your first one ended with Gypsy.
I chose to end it with a Broadway hit, but if I continue my life story with a second book it would have to start out with back-to-back Broadway flops—Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and the Mamet play The Anarchist. [Laughs] Gee, that really gives me something to look forward to, doesn’t it?

What’s the longest you’ve gone without a job?
Two years.

No way!
It’s true. It happened right after Evita and I was freaking out. I went into that show as a refreshing casting choice because I was a Julliard graduate, and I left the show with people seeing me as a blond Fascist tap dancer, and there was no room for one of those in anything anyone was producing. People didn’t know what to do with me. One time I got raked over the coals by [New York Times critic] Frank Rich for being a Broadway musical person daring to do a play. Can you imagine? But I never let it defeat me or stop me because, frankly, I prefer doing plays over musicals. It’s easier. You don’t have to worry about your voice.

Is it an American thing? No one in England is telling Imelda Staunton she can’t be Mama Rose.
We do suffer in America from a lack of imagination. The people who run the business aren’t showmen anymore. There are no Alexander Cohens or David Merricks, no Irving Thalbergs or Jack Warners. If there were, things would be different. I wish we had those guys back, chomping on their cigars, trusting their stars, trusting their directors, trusting vision! Maybe that’s why most of the great work now is happening on cable TV. John Logan says Showtime does not interfere with him. They’re smart enough to hire the best people for the job and let them do it. What a concept!

Do you have dream roles that have been unattainable?
Here’s how it works with me: If there was a part I desperately wanted and I auditioned for it, I probably wouldn’t get it. That’s what always happens. My career has been built on surprises, on crazy things that come out of the blue, on people who are willing to go out on a limb. And I much prefer that. One of the reasons we’re in these Donald Trump doldrums is we don’t want people to think. We’re stupefying Americans by not allowing them to think for themselves. Why are the big movie studios making nothing but superhero cartoons? Where are the human stories? We aren’t elevating the audience anymore. It’s all about the lowest common denominator, and that’s terrible. God, I really want to thank you for listening to me and for your support. I’m so grateful because…[Laughs] I am a controversial figure.

Yeah, I know. And I’m damn grateful my cell phone didn’t accidentally go off during this chat.
I will always fight that battle.

Thank God you do because behavior in the theater these days has gone off the rails.
There are a lot of people who are as angry about the cell phone problem as I am, but they’re just not as loud about it. I wish they would be more vocal. But a lot of actors have stopped the show. Melissa McCarthy just did an anti-texting promo for movie theaters. The more people speak up about it, the more likely things will change. But it shouldn’t be up to the actors to fight this battle. It should be up to house management and the theater owners.

Funny how the behavior gets worse as the prices go up.
Yes! What’s that about? Why would you spend that kind of money and then be on your phone? When I pay for theater tickets, I’m at attention! I pay way too much money to sit there and think about something else, unless the play stinks and then I’m thinking, “Why did I spend this much money?” But I certainly am not going to disrupt a performance. Maybe it’s just all rich people going to the theater these days and they just don’t care. But it has to stop. This is a social issue. There are no public manners anymore, no consideration for anyone else.

There’s also an entire generation of young people who were raised in the cell phone age. They know nothing else.
I don’t accept that excuse. I don’t think they give a crap what the rest of us think. My husband, Matt, and I have one child who is 25 and he has grown up in the computer age and is extremely polite. And it’s not that we as parents were always going, “Put the phone down!” Our son makes wise, mature decisions on his own. He knows that dinnertime is not phone time. He knows how to distinguish when certain behavior is appropriate and when it’s not. And, sadly, he is rare. But this new cluelessness is not just happening with the younger ones today. It’s happening with adults, too. They can be just as bad.

Wasn’t it an adult whose cell phone you snatched as you exited the stage at Lincoln Center?
That was a riot. She was a very well-dressed, very pretty, late 30s-early 40s woman. I don’t know what the hell her deal was. Up until I took her phone away, she was texting in full light. At the Mitzi Newhouse Theater it’s so intimate that the light from the stage spills right into the audience and the actors can see everything. And get this: The man she was with—her husband or boyfriend—was trying to watch the play intently. So she was being rude to him and to us. I’m, like, “There’s something really wrong with this picture.” She started texting from the top of the show and continued all the way to the end of the first act and we actors all figured she was so damn bored she’d leave at intermission and never return. But she came back for part 2 and continued texting! It’s utter madness what goes on! [Laughs] And you wonder why I want to do television?

Penny Dreadful, Season premiere, Sunday, May 1, 10/9c, Showtime

«Ужасы по дешевке»: интервью создателя сериала Джона Логана ресурсу EW

И еще у нас теперь есть Уэс Студи в роли Каэтаней. Что вы можете рассказать об этом персонаже?

Я фанат Уэса Студи уже миллион лет – с тех самых пор, как он сыграл у Майкла Манна в «Последнем из Могикан». Я считаю Уэса Студи потрясающим актером. Из прошлых сезонов мы узнали, что у Итана сильная связь с индейцами, он говорит на языке племени Апачи, многое понимает в их культуре. И в этом сезоне мы узнаем еще больше об индейцах, их духовном наследии. Каэтаней очень сильный и интересный персонаж. Работать с Уэсом – само удовольствие.

А какие у Каэтаней отношения с сэром Малкольмом?

Между этими двумя установится уникальная связь. Я не смог противиться той части себя, которая всегда хотела свести в одной сцене Тима Далтона и Уэса Студи! Это как столкнуть две горы. В общем, у них будут дружеские, даже приятельские отношения. Вместе они отправятся в опасное приключение, и это сблизит их.
Текст Келли Коннолли

материал с сайта: pennydreadful.mekc.info/

1-я серия -- vk.com/club47749191?z=video-115987910_456239296...

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Перевод отрывка письма Шарлотты Бронте к Константину Эже. Как раз к вопросу о сожалениях... :

"Скажу Вам честно, всё это время я пыталась забыть Вас, ибо воспоминание о человеке, которого не надеешься когда-либо снова увидеть и которого тем не менее так высоко ценишь, слишком раздражает сознание...Я делала всё возможное, чтобы занять ум, я совершенно отказалась от удовольствия говорить о Вас - даже с Эмили, но оказалась не в силах побороть ни моих сожалений, ни моего нетерпения. А это так унизительно - не иметь контроля над собственными мыслями, быть рабой сожалений, воспоминаний, рабой господствующей и навязчивой идеи...
...Когда я перечитала это письмо, оно показалось мне довольно мрачным, но - простите меня, мой дорогой Учитель,- пусть не раздражает Вас моя печаль, ибо, как сказано в Библии, "от полноты сердца глаголят уста", и мне, действительно, трудно быть весёлой, если я думаю, что больше никогда не увижу Вас...Ш.Б."

(*из разговоров в группе в ВК о Тимоти Далтоне. )

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--Пришлось тебя приковать. Кровь демона тебя по всему убежищу мотала. ..
Скажи, зачем ты довёл себя до этого ?
--Я понимаю , зачем ты пьёшь кровь. Она делает тебя сильным, непобедимым. Большой злой волк пугает трёх поросят… Я тебя хорошо знаю. Ты всю свою жизнь хотел быть другим. Я прав?... Ты мстишь за своё несчастливое детство, за нашу уродскую семью ?...
--Прекрати !
--За то, что ты монстр. Ты всегда был монстром. Тебе хорошо только тогда, когда ты вдоволь насосёшься яду, напитаешься злом !

(«Сверхъестественное» IV , борьба с зависимостью. Разговор со своими страхами )

( И – в очередной раз сорвался ).
--Мы хотим тебе помочь !
--Тогда – стреляй…
-- Что эта сучка сделала с тобой ?!
--Я же всё чувствую – я изменился, навсегда. Назад пути уже нет… Ладно, поехали…

(«Сверхъестественное» IV , борьба с зависимостью )


--Он – твой брат. И он тонет.
--Я пытался ему помочь !
--Попробуй ещё раз !
--Уже поздно.
--Помочь никогда не поздно !
--Нет! Факты налицо, брат ненавидел наш дом , всю жизнь хотел оторваться от семьи. И сбежал при первой возможности… Пусть делает что хочет.
--Ты просто глупый собачий сын ! Семья приносит одно беспокойство, но на то она и семья ! Давай, похнычь ещё ! Твоему отцу легче было оттолкнуть сына, чем понять его. Ты лучше своего отца ! Так что – сделай одолжение, не будь как он !

(«Сверхъестественное» IV , борьба с зависимостью )

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Клайв Стенден (Ролло) сейчас отвечает на вопросы зрителей в твиттере -- twitter.com/CliveStanden/status/719962466483060...

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"Игра престолов" и "Хроники Франкенштейна"

Тема (фото, интервью) о "Хрониках франкенштейна" 2016, новом детективном сериале ужасов, с Шоном Бином в главной роли )) -- vk.com/topic-47749191_33330817

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Новые персонажи "Страшных сказок"

В новом сезоне Пэти ЛюПон сыграет доктора Стьюард , психотерапевта Ванессы Ивз.
Действительно, во втором сезоне Ванесса и Пэти так отлично сыграли ведьму с Пустоши и её молодую приемницу, что отпускать Пэтти из сериала просто не хотелось ! Не говоря уж о последней сцене с Резчицей, возле её дома-на-болотах, просто вывернувшей зрителям всю душу. как видно, сценаристам и Джону Логану тоже )).
Целый ряд новых докторов ждёт нас в 3-м сезоне : доктор Джекил, доктор Стьюард, зоолог (ну, тоже учёный ) АлександрСвит , ещё одна женщина учёный (пока что имени её не известно, но в трейлере она промелькнула ). И,конечно же самый первый доктор "Страшных сказок" — Виктор Франкенштейн, мучительно старающийся разобраться с собой и со своими Созданиями .
фото -- vk.com/club47749191?w=wall-47749191_6403

сэр Малькольм И Каэтанэ , американский друг Итана Чендлера ( Wes Studi Уэс Стьюди ) vk.com/club47749191?w=wall-47749191_6385

Ванесса И доктор Александр Свитт , зоолог, невероятным образом с ней подружившийся ( Christian Camargo Кри́стиан Камарго ) vk.com/club47749191?w=wall-47749191_6380

Виктор Франкенштейн И Доктор Джекил ( Шазад Латиф Shazad Latif ) vk.com/club47749191?w=wall-47749191_6379

Кроме того , что -- The end of days is imminent. 3 WEEKS until #PennyDreadful returns -- Только три недели ожидания ! )) , есть ещё одна хорошая новость :
IFTA Film & Drama Awards 2016 #IFTA16 , Best Supporting Actress Drama: Sarah Greene for #PennyDreadful #SarahGreene
Сара Грин получила престижную награду IFTA за роль Гекаты — лучшая драматическая актриса второго плана. Поздравляем нашу красавицу-ведьмочку ))

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@темы: "Penny Dreadful", "Страшные сказки"

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